Gas Powered Generators

Gas Generators offer a 'cleaner' alternative to diesel powered generators as gas engines output far lower amounts of carbon emissions.

We offer all forms of gas, including LPG, LNG, land fill gas and bio gas.

As well as the cleanest Gas powered generators on the market, but not only that, we also have an ultra fast starting gas set within our range.

Gas generators are fantastic for long run applications, such as STOR and Capacity Market sites.

They also offer a great option for standby power. In fact, with a mains gas supply, there will never be a necessity to refuel or a need to worry about low fuel levels.

Gas outputs less carbon emissions than Diesel.

See below for the range of sizes available and suggestions for where those sizes would be suitable.


If you know what you are looking for, or need some advice, then please Contact Us, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Residential use

Light Business operation 

Small Offices

Care Homes

Industrial Amber and Red rate avoidance use

Sync with the grid for export

Small to Medium Offices

Industrial Units


Care Homes

Sync with the grid for export - STOR sites.

Industrial Amber and Red rate avoidance use


Office Buildings

Large Industrial Companies

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With gas being a clean fuel, for gas generator enquiries you need to speak to our green energy partner - iPower Generation - together we make The Ingram Power Group.

Please follow the link to their site to get in contact, or contact us and we can forward it on.