• Paul Ingram

Storm Eleanor Causing Power Chaos

Storm Eleanor has been battering the UK over last night and throughout today.

The Met Office recorded gusts reaching 100mph (161km/h) overnight with a yellow warning still in place for Wales, England, most of Northern Ireland and parts of southern Scotland.

Thousands of homes have been left without any power. Not to forget the businesses within these areas too, that will have also been heavily affected form the loss of power.

Certain areas of the UK have extremely high risks for flooding. With 40 flood warnings in England, over 10 in Scotland and 10 in Wales.

Drivers should take extra care on the roads with the high wind speeds and heavy rainfall. Some roads have even enforced lower speed limited for safety. Certain bridges like, Orwell Bridge near Ipswich, were closed overnight due to the wind speed.

There has been widespread disruption to many public transport links, which may look to continue. Check locally to see if you’ve been affected.


Forecasters have said the wind and rain will ease throughout today, as the storm moves further south. Northern France has already had over 200,000 homes without power due to the storm – according to Enedis, an electricity grid company.

We hope everyone gets their power restored quickly and travel disruptions are sorted as quickly as possible.

If you were affected by the power outages caused by the storm, having your own standby generator would have meant you would have had your own power supply to use while the grid looks to fix it self.

This is especially crucial for business in the affected areas, that too are facing power disruption. Modern business need power, without it work grinds to a halt. With a standby power generator, you won’t lose valuable working hours, or this storms case, days!

We supply, Install and offer aftermarket service packages. We also offer, what would be extremely useful during/after major storms like this one, emergency breakdown assistance. Helping give you peace of mind.

Please contact us if you would like to know more.

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