• Paul Ingram

Bad news everyone. Winter is starting to raise its ugly head.

Unfortunately this years winter is forecasted to be worse than the average - I knew that brilliant summer would come with a price.

With every winter comes more and longer power outages.

The demand for energy increases, mixed with bad weather causing damage to infrastructure = power cuts and electricity supply disruptions.

To add more uncertainty to the power grid's reliability, the Capacity Market* payments have recently been suspended - Meaning a main service used to help deal with stresses on the network and power surges has effectively been stopped.

Simply put, the UK will have less flexible power available, in a time where we need more of it.

There is effort to reinstate this scheme as soon as possible, but this may not happen, and if it does, when?

Your own source of Standby power is becoming even more vital, especially for businesses not wanting to loose valuable working days.

For those who already have wisely invested in a back-up power source, before you go ahead and put your feet up and relax, just like your car, it's essential that a generator has regular maintenance checks and services to make sure it's ready to go when you need it.

Protect yourself and business with your own source of Power.

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*The capacity market is a mechanism which is designed to help the power grid deal with times of stress on the network or surges. Being able to provide extra needed generation quicker than major power stations as well as offering load-management capacity, makes it a very valuable electricity balancing service.

The capacity market helps to secure the supply of electricity in times of stress on the network, or demand surges.

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