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  • Russ Evans

Bespoke Generator Installation in Newcastle

Bit of a tight squeeze on our installation in Newcastle!

The last 5m of this job involved taking the generator up a ramp into a courtyard. Due to the design of the building we had a maximum height of 1800mm!

Normally in situations like this you would take the generator apart and take it in sections and rebuild it. However, after a design meeting with Genesal Energy we came up with a bespoke solution.

This involved lowering the engine, alternator, and radiator within the fully bunded base frame, relocating the exhaust onto the roof using a designed frame to spread the weight, and finally a bespoke lowered canopy.

Once on site, our good friends D.TURNER & SON (MACHINERY REMOVAL) LTD reversed the HIAB up the external ramp where one of their small fork lifts was waiting to offload.

We then lowered the generator onto some battery-driven skates and drove the generator through the building.

As mentioned the final 5 meters involved ramp up into the courtyard. So anchor point secured to the floor and turfer attached. Then using a combination of skates and 2.5T pallet trucks the generator was winched up the ramp and into its temporary position. (walls going up).

Then dropped the exhaust assembly on and secured.

The whole exercise took 3hrs! 

If we had to take the generator apart, then rebuild it including all alignment checks would have taken a minimum of 4 days and revalidation for warranty. 

So just goes to show if you design and plan to suit the site anything is possible.

Ingram Installations Ltd can design and install a generator into almost any location, including a 1000kva 3 floors underground, a 550kva 2 floors down in a basement carpark....


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