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  • Paul Ingram

Widespread Power Failures Caused by Storm Ciara, Will Storm Dennis Create more?

The UK was battered by Storm Ciara, resulting in huge damage and flooding throughout the UK.

Power systems have been failing due to the extreme conditions, on Sunday night for example, there were more than 20,000 homes without any power throughout the night!

Now the newly named, Storm Dennis, is about the arrive in the UK, potentially bringing with it yet more disruption, damage, and possible future power cuts.

The Met Office has stated that Storm Dennis isn't expected to be as extreme as Ciara, but strong winds and heavy rain - with yet more possible flooding warned.

As the Storms continue, we hope further damage and issues are kept to a minimum.

This far from the first time a major storm has devastatingly damaged the UK power networks. It's seemingly becoming a yearly trend.

Businesses who aren't already power protected shouldn't hesitate to get in contact to talk through their needs.

Ingrams can also source rental sets of all sizes, so if Storm Ciara has left you without power, we can help.,



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