Ingrams only use the best quality European manufactured generators.


We offer a complete range of sizes. Anything from 8.5kW to 3000kW. Our generators can be used for a very wide range of applications and we are confident one of them will meet your needs.

Need it custom built to your site or projects needs? Have very tight noise restrictions for example? No Problem, we can adapt to meet most site-specific requirements. 

We can supply sets for standby use, meaning that your company is protected in case of power outages. Why not pair it with a UPS, giving you instant power, meaning that you wouldn't even notice the outage, giving you complete power protection.


We can also supply for, STOR and capacity market sites, CHP, residential and more!


If you are looking for a pre-owned set. When we get pre-owned sets in stock, there are often sold quickly. But we can source sets for you, by using our extensive contact network



Please see below for more information.



What Sort of Generator Do You Require?

We offer generators using different fuel types and for various applications.

Pick from the list below, or contact us for advice.

Diesel is best for stand-by

Though it gets a lot of bad press for the emission output, modern diesel engine technology has actually made them far cleaner than in the past.

These are perfect for quick starting and accepting high impact loads while remaining relatively cheap to buy and run.

Gas generators offer a great alternative to diesel sets. They produce fewer carbon emissions than diesel. Plus if you use your mains gas supply, there's never a worry or need to refuel.

Combined Heat and Power. Need energy and heat/hot water? Perhaps you have a swimming pool you want to keep heated in a more efficient way or you run a business that simply requires a large amount of hot water, a hotel for example. Then CHP is for you.

Hybrid generator technology. Combines generator, UPS and battery packs. Please click below to find out more.

Need a generator for the short term? 

Or Perhaps you would rather not buy your generator, but instead, go on to a long-term rental?

We can supply to meet your needs.

We often get quality pre-owned generators, which we keep in stock.

Or, if you would like a certain pre-owned unit over buying new, we can search around for you.

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