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See below for some pictures of various types of installations we have done in the past. For more pictures and extra details, visit our Project Page

Ingram Stockport install
Ingram Install
Ingram Underground Install
Ingram Manchester Install
Ingrams Install Manchester
Ingrams Installation
Ingram Stockport underground Install

Ingram Installations have been installing generators since 1972! 


In that time we have seen just about every installation there could be. Going from simple crane lifts to dismantling the entire set and rebuilding it underground, all the way to airlifting the generator by helicopter onto a remote island. We've seen it all.


We offer full turnkey projects, from supply to organising all your Installation needs. We have an exceptional electrical, mechanical and design team in house, allowing us to be able to undertake a complete range of installations.



We pride ourselves on providing a premium service and will always go the extra mile, putting in the work, to give you the best possible service.


Please Contact Us if you would like to inquire about our services 

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