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  • Russ Evans

Our engineers thinking outside the box saves the day!

Mad busy day today for Ant & Scott.

During some recent testing the day tank fire dump valve was found seized, and needed replacing.

Problem is to replace it we have to drain the day tank, but we can't take the generators off line! And the generator room access is via a spiral staircase!

So thinking outside the box and with the help of Fuel Storage Systems LTD & JWH Tanks, we came up with a solution.

There was no way we were getting hire tanks into the room, so 205lt barrels were modified and plumbed in pairs, giving 400lts of fuel to each engine. The in house transfer system was then plumbed into the temporary barrels, and flicked to manual operation.

New temporary fuel lines were plumbed into spare ports on the engine and transferred on to the temporary fuel tanks.

The tank was then drained and cleaned, whilst the 3" dump valve was replaced with new fire wire.

The day tank was then refilled, and the generators transferred back on to the main day tank.

We then run in two emergency standby hoses should there be any issues with the main feed lines.

All done in a day with not one drop of diesel spilt.

Top work by all parties and the customer extremely pleased as no hire sets were required.



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