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Beast from the East and Storm Emma Hitting the UK Hard. Met Office Warns of widespread power distrib

Recent weather is creating chaos throughout the UK. With the bitterly cold temperatures, high wind speed and heavy snowfall, the UK's road, rail and power networks have all faced large distributions. With more to come.

Met Office issues red 'risk to life' snow warning - A red weather warning means a high potential of "widespread damage", travel and power disruption as well as a risk to life.

Highest level of alert are in the central Scotland and Ireland regions. Its predicted that in the central belt of Scotland there will be up to 40cm (15in) of snow fall.

Motorists across UK urged to avoid treacherous roads

Several major roads have been closed after emergency services rescued stranded motorists overnight and dealt with multiple crashes.

The M66, in north Manchester, had a 16 car pile up, with also a nearby part of the M62 also closing due to anther road incident

This cold weather has meant an increased use of gas, far more than what is normal during this period. Which has resulted in there being a warning of a major gas deficit. These shortages could affect industrial users as the Grid tries to balance supply and demand by buying in more gas if needed.

The Met office has already issued warnings of widespread power cuts, and now with potential gas shortages, the risk of power outages only increases.

Ingram Truck

If you have a back-up generator, then please test it to make sure its running okay, as well as checking the fuel level. If you generator is maintained by Ingram's please don't hesitate to call if you would like one of expert engineers to check it over for you.

If you don't have a standby generator yet, but would like to talk to us about having one ready for next winter, please get in contact with us and we can talk through your power needs.

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