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  • Paul Ingram

Does the UK need to turn to gas?

A report performed by the WWF looks into whether it's right the government should turn to large gas power station, once all the coal power plants are shut down by 2025.

The report challenges, whether or not new large scale gas powered power stations should be built in order to fill the gap that the coal stations will leave.

The WWF argue that there is no-need. But instead this possible shortage should instead be filled with a mix of renewables, battery storage and flexible technologies.

Flexible technologies includes small to medium gas powered generator sites. As being on a much smaller scale, means they are much quicker to react as and when power is needed. While also, being as quick to turn off when power isn't needed. Compare this to large gas power plants, which are in no-way capable to react to power demand levels. This results in power only being generated when it is required.

Are the WWF right in thinking renewables, battery storage and flexible technologies can replace the lost power from coal? Are large gas stations better than more nuclear?

The WWF, using official government forecasts, found that the growth in electricity produced by wind, solar and other renewables would actually be more than enough to replace the power gap left from coal. Factor in too, battery and flexible sources.

Our partner company, iPower Generation, are able to supply the power products the WWF talk about in their report. If you would like to know more about this, please don't hesitate to get in contact with us.

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