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  • Paul Ingram

UK renewable energy growth in line with Global average

Data from, Renewable Capacity Statistics 2019, released by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), shows renewable energy capacity continues to see strong growth on a global scale, primarily through increases in Wind and Solar.

The UK's growth level was almost the same percentage as the worlds, with the global growth at 7.9% and the UK at 7.8%, during 2018.

UK v World. Data from IRENA 2019

Renewable Capacity Statistics 2019, by International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA)

On first sight of this, this looks positive for the UK, and to an extent it is, consistent growth in line with the world shows we're not falling behind. However, as one of the largest economies and most powerful countries in the world - Ranked 5th in 2018 according to US News and World Report - Should we be expecting more? To be helping lead the way in terms of renewable energy expansion and use, not just being happy with being in the middle of the pack.

Battery storage technology is one step we can take help take full advantage of this renewable energy capacity. As due to wind and solar both being inconsistent and reliant on nature, we can fully exploit the power generated and store it for when needed, and not have another situation like at the end of March where we saw negative pricing due to too high a energy production output from wind and solar, without the demand for it.

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