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Since way back in 1972, we've been providing our customers with essential complete power protection.

Perfect for standby use, whether for emergencies or for making sure work can carry on, even when the national power network can't.

Ingrams have a strong and respected reputation within the power and generator industry. Something we've cultivated over the years with our 'go the extra mile' mentality and drive to give our customers what

they need.

We're a family company, you can trust and rely on.

Our Power systems are perfect for Standby use or Grid Applications


Suitable for Hospitals, Businesses of all Sizes, Data Centres, Factories, Event Spaces such as Stadiums, and Other Facilities where Power is Simply Used!

Power Failure Backup Plan? = Ingram Backup Generator

Our world is becoming ever more dependent on electricity in our daily lives. Yet we rely on an increasingly fragile national power network.


During times of peak demand or due to bad weather, the risks of a sudden loss of power is high and increasing.


Losing power is obviously a huge issue for the modern world, negatively impacting your business, whether down to the loss of sales, damage to manufacturing equipment, or the costs of lost working hours.


With Ingrams, you avoid these issues, and with our 24/7 generator assistance, you're just one call away from a specialist engineer.


Remove the risks, take control of your own energy, and protect your power supply.

Why Do You Need Ingrams Power Protection?

A power outage halts modern business in its tracks.


A survey found that 23% of IT professionals said that one hour of business downtime cost their organisation between £10,000 and £1 million. Each year in Britain, as a result of IT downtime, businesses can pay the price of £3.6 million collectively and lose 545 productivity hours.


Power cuts do more than just cost you in terms of lost working hours, financial liabilities, productivity, data loss and loss of commutation with your customers, suppliers and fellow co-workers. A power outage can often be followed by a power surge, causing irreversible damage to electrical equipment, such as your computers.


Protect Yourself, With Ingrams

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